About the Cullman Downtown Merchants Association

Cullman Downtown Merchants Association started out with an outdoor festival known as “Celebrate Cullman.“ This festival was a reaction to the devastating tornado that destroyed many buildings in downtown Cullman in 2011.

Celebrate Cullman originated when the tornado hit Cullman back in April of 2011, and a four-block area (of downtown Cullman) was closed down for a couple of months.  We had a downtown merchants’ association, and we were worried about the merchants down in this area.  That was the origination of it.  Nathan Anderson, who heads up the parks department, and I, and some others put together a celebration.  The idea was to bring the traffic back and help the merchants.

A couple of years after that, the Cullman City Parks department had signed up the ASA archery tournament.  We decided that we could help the parks department if we moved the date to correspond, to bring those folks downtown to help sell downtown Cullman.

Since then, the CDMA has grown to include several events and festivals as well as ongoing support for Cullman businesses. This support includes assistance with marketing, promotions, and fundraising. We believe that a strong downtown benefits all of Cullman and helps to bring in jobs and industry to the entire area.

For that reason, we work closely with the City of Cullman, Cullman Economic Developement, City Parks and Recreation, the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce as well as Cullman County, and the Cullman County Parks and Recreation department.

We’ve really got a vibrant downtown, and we don’t want to let that get away.  We want to continue to grow it and fill it; and we want the people of Cullman to be proud of their downtown, because it’s really unique.  It’s really a wonderful place.

We’d like downtown to be a crown jewel for Cullman.  The reason we do this is that we love Cullman.